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Thanks to HobbyZone, you can teach yourself to fly an honest-to-goodness hobby-quality RC airplane even if you�ve never touched a radio control transmitter before. Of the countless aircraft sold, here is what a few of our beginner RC pilots had to say:

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I love it....!!!!

Easy to assemble �.easy to play�..high quality�.FUN!!!��5 stars beginner airplane!!!

Thank you�!!

Great first plane

I bought this about two months ago as my first plane and it was a great choice. It's simple to build, includes everything you need, is easy to fly and takes a lot of abuse!

I flew this without any flight simulator time and in a small school yard. I would recommend some flight sim time and find the largest space to fly when starting out.

Still it was a blast and a great first plane.




Flew it for the first time today and wow thing is fast and i love it perfect for a beginner!!!

Pretty Good Step-up

I bought this plane about a week ago and crashed it on the first flight- i know what your thinking its probably totaled. Nope it is in perfect condition with the rubber nose protecting it.

i love this plane it is a good bargain and is a good step up from the champ

Great Plane

I am just getting into rc planes and I have zero flights under my belt. I got this plane because of the V.I. since I did not have anyone to help me get started. The first flight was great with no problems. It flew just like they said it would. I have four flights on it and all had good landing and zero crashes. This is a great plane for anyone starting out in the hobby. It was very easy to put together without any problems.

1st Plane

I got this plane for my first plane in this hobby. I buy everything with the money I earn from mowing lawns because I am only 14. Every new pilot should get this plane is so easy but once you are ready for a harder plane just go to high rates. Its awesome. I am now reaching the max of what it can do so its time to graduate. Buy it.

Nice and relaxing!

This is my first micro sized plane and it has won a special place in my hangar (and heart). It is so wonderful to slip outside the house and fly right before dark in that special time where the wind is low, or nonexistent. That is not the only time you can fly the Champ. It will handle some wind quite nicely. I also fly it in the parking lot at the local high school. You get some strange wind currents coming off of the buildings at times, but the Champ takes it in stride. Under the lights at the school is also fun. Touch and gos are a breeze and this little plane can make anyone look good. HobbyZone has a winner here.

What A Deal~!!!

If you're just starting out with RC airplanes as I am or just looking to unwind in your front yard this is the little flyer that can! I've put 5 packs through her without incident. A great plane at a great price. I'm looking forward to many more fligths to improve my skills and becoming a better pilot. A must for those just starting out in planes~!!!

CHAMP- ION!! Best 45th Birthday Ever

Good thing it only came with 1 battery or my wife may have had to find another hubby!

Great little plane, first time in the hobby but I was up and flying on the first day.

Crashed into the community center on my first flight but the champ shrugged it off with not a scratch. Next I was into a willow tree but the champ flew right out of the branches and never looked back. Best 90.00 I've ever spent!!! Thanks Hobby Zone

Amazing first plane

My brother and I got this plane for Christmas. After flying the Phoenix Simulator, we took it to a local school and flew it. We had a great time flying this plane. The Champ is very durable. We ran it into basket ball hoops, metal poles, and the ground without breaking it. It handles wind very well but I do not recommend flying it in winds that are over ten miles per hour. I have broken one wing off two times (due to wind) but we glued it back on and it worked great. The battery is very good. The transmitter it came with is good for the Ultra Micro warbirds. I love this plane and I highly recommend it to any one who wants to get into this great hobby.

Mini Super Cub is a great plane!!

Had the Mini SC for almost a year now and I still enjoy it. This is truly a ready to fly package. It has everything that a beginner is or should be looking for in my opinion. The Cub is durable and will take full advantage of the onboard electronics and motor. Giving the pilot confidence is the main point with this plane because it is easy to get frustrated for a first timer with other 'trainers'. The stable flying characteristics of the SC and the easy setup and directions make this little plane the cream of the crop for the starter pilot. I will recommend this plane always! I love it.

Good for beginners - My first plane

Oh the excitement when it came in earlier than expected. It didn't take me long to put it together (2hrs). Make sure you don't force anything when assembling; everything should fit in with gentle pressure.

My first flight went very well with no crashes - I chose a spot with tall grass so that I would land softly, since I had never done this before. It was fairly easy to fly considering it's my first plane. It's a bit tricky to land if it's windy.

I would suggest measuring your battery level often - the worst of my damages were due to engine shutting off mid-flight. Parts are easy to find at local hobby shops and there's plenty lot of resources and guidance online. Good for learning, and a lot of fun :-) I'm going to be modifying mine with ailerons eventually.

The Cub aaaa+++++++

This is one of the nicest planes ever for a beginner. It has some extras you can get for it like floats and a parachute man that will drop from the plane. Man, I love it! I recommend it for beginners and for experts.

Easy to fly, easy to take off and easy to land! Parts are easy to get for this airplane too. It will do flips and is a blast. Good luck to you all getting one, you will have a blast!


Got this for my wife wishing to get her involved in RC fun! Great plane for first timers. She has flown around 5 hours so far with NO crashes or problems.

Firebird Commander 2

Talk about the best plane to learn on. Not only does it have awesome range it's so easy and with the Anti Crash Technology it's so easy even I can do it!

8 crashes (tree crashes) took the abuse as if it liked it. Very durable. Excellent product.

Great beginner's plane!

This plane is a great place to start with r/c flight. It is very easy to fly, and the price is great! The ACT technology works well, but I wish it responded faster. Overall I enjoyed this aircraft very much!

Floats are fun and EASY to use/setup!

If you have the Super Cub, these floats are just a WONDERFUL addition! If you are a beginner, who started with this 3-channel plane, floats are a great way to add extra excitement to your flight! Taking off and landing from water adds a whole new experience to your flight.

I recommend these to anyone with the Super Cub. They are EASY to install, taking only a couple minutes to screw them on, then you are ready to fly!

Handy Super Cub Floats

These floats are awesome! They take 15 minutes to install and make water flying so much fun. I use the floats 3 to 5 times per week here at the lake. They are durable and look great. I recommend these to anyone who has had plenty of flight time with the Cub.

Fun add on for intermediate to advanced.

Great way to add a new dimension to your flying. I would recommend some experience be acquired before "jumping into the water" with these, as a smooth landing is needed. :)


I got this when I bought my Super Cub LP, and started using it right away, it is so much fun to use and is a great addition to any compatible aircraft!

I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to add more fun to their aircraft!