HobbyZone has developed a line of simple-to-use field chargers for owners of the Firebird, Firebird II and Firebird XL. Each charger can fully recharge a depleted battery in approximately 45 minutes. Just plug it in to an automobile lighter outlet and connect the Firebird battery. When the LED indicator on the charger case stops flashing, the battery is ready for use.

The 6V charger is intended for use with the Firebird II's optional 5-cell NiMH Speed Battery.

Because each charge cycle lasts a full 45 minutes, regardless of the amount of charge left in a battery, it is important to completely discharge the respective battery before using the charger.

**If you use your field charger while the car is running, the charge rate will be greatly accelerated, and may result in battery damage. Never leave the battery unattended while charging.

6v 600mAh Field Charger: FB, FBII** [HBZ1022]


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