Do you remember the first time you saw that bright yellow dump truck gleaming on the store shelf? Visions of sandbox super highways and backyard construction zones danced in your head as you dreamt of all the possibilities. HobbyZoneTM has captured the same sense of wonder with their exciting new R/C construction vehicles that will let the young and old scoop, lift, or haul just like the "big boys." The Mega Lifter is completely ready-to- run and includes a battery, charger, and transmitter. There’s even a 9-volt battery for the transmitter. It is available on both 49MHz and 27MHz frequencies, so two different vehicles can be operated together.

Mega Lifter
You’re the "King of the Docks" with the extremely realistic Mega Lifter forklift modeled in impressive 1/6 scale. Its forklift mechanism features completely independent lifting and tilting functions that can be performed simultaneously. With a little practice and some fancy thumb work, drivers can lift and tilt while maneuvering the forklift around obstacles.

The lift mechanism itself is modeled closely to the real thing and looks exceptionally scale. A pallet and barrel are included. You can even adjust the width of the forks for differ-ent types of loads. Since most forklifts spend their time indoors, HobbyZone gave the Mega Lifter a slightly less weathered look than its earth-moving siblings, the Mega Hauler and Mega Loader. Cab details include simulated levers and operating pedals, working head and reverse lights, as well as painted lug nuts on the wheels.

Replacement parts
If you’re worried about breaking or losing parts, don’t be. Unlike most entry-level R/C vehicles, HobbyZone construction vehicles are not "throw-away" toys that can’t be run if parts are damaged or lost. Replacement parts are available for each vehicle so drivers can keep ’em running without having to buy a whole new vehicle.

You ’ll be hooked!
If you stop by your local hobby shop and try out any of these exceptionally realistic vehicles, don’t be surprised if you end up taking one (or more) home. Pound for pound, these action-packed construction vehicles offer some of the most fun you can have in R/C. Test-drive them all today!

Mega Lifter RTR ** [HBZ2122]


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