Thousands have experienced the thrill of performing aerobatics with an Aerobird® and now you can too with the Aerobird 3. The Aerobird 3 makes it so easy to perform loops, stall turns and tail slides that you’ll be doing them right out of the box. And the ZX10 3-channel radio system ensures precise control for unsurpassed maneuverability.

The Aerobird 3 also comes equipped with HobbyZone’s exclusive X-Port™ technology so you expand your experience with thrilling Plug-N-Play® accessories like the Sonic Combat Module™ or Aerial Drop Module™.

Key Features

  • Reusable ZX10 radio system with 3-wire servos for more precise control and fast response
  • Proportional FM 3-channel control through throttle, steering and pitch enables exciting aerobatic maneuvers
  • X-Port™ equipped for use with exciting add-ons such as the Sonic Combat Module™
  • Soft rubber nose provides shock absorption in case of a hard landing or crash
  • Main and rear landing gear enable the plane to land on asphalt or concrete
  • Durable, steel-wire pushrods for precise and consistent control

Needed to Complete


Everything from the Plane to the Batteries is included.

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Aerobird 3 RTF Electric [HBZ3600]


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