Go one-on-one for bragging rights or engage in a frenzied, six-plane free-for-all with the new HobbyZone Fighterbird-R/C's first ready-to-fly combat airplane anyone can enjoy.

The Fighterbird is more than just another RTF. It's actually an evolutionary progression that adds the thrills and excitement of a multi-player video game to the ready-to-fly experience. At the heart of this revolutionary advance is an ingenious Sonic Combat Module (SCM) with which each Fighterbird comes equipped. The Fighterbird's designers developed the SCM to avoid the sunlight interference that often hampers infrared combat systems.

The detachable module clips on to the bottom of the Fighterbird and is connected to the receiver circuitry by a small BEC-style connector. When the pilot pulls back on the throttle stick, it fires a focused, high-frequency sound blast with an effective range of 50 feet. The unit also serves as the detector when a "hit" from another Fighterbird is received.

To score a hit, a Fighterbird pilot has to get on his opponent's tail and "blast" them with his SCM. When hit, the opposing Fighterbird's SCM will emit a high-pitched tone, and its motor will be disabled for 10 seconds. During this time, the pilot of the stricken 'Bird will still have directional control so that they can maneuver for a counter attack or, if they're too low, make a safe landing.

One of the cooler aspects of the Fighterbird is the fact that you don't have to be an experienced R/C flyer to enjoy the aerial combat fun it offers. Anyone who has ever flown one of HobbyZone's other ready-to-fly planes will have little trouble getting the Fighterbird airborne. It uses the same easy-to-master Flight-Trak control system found on the Firebird IITM and Firebird XLTM that have introduced thousands to the world of R/C flight. The throttle stick controls altitude and the rudder stick controls direction.

The Fighterbird's fuselage and basic design is virtually identical to the Firebird XL, but its turning ability has been tweaked by using a new efficient wing to make it more maneuverable for combat. This quicker turning response is great for making tight turns to get on someone's tail or to make a break if someone's on yours. Hold a turn long enough, and the Fighterbird will perform a tight spiraling maneuver that is ideal for quick get always or surprise attacks from above. While there's no question the Fighterbird is easy to fly, it isn't really designed to be a rank beginner's first R/C plane. We'd recommend you start out with a Firebird II or Firebird XL if you simply want to see what it's like to fly an R/C airplane. The Firebird planes are specifically designed for this mission and will provide all the thrills a complete beginner could want. With the Fighterbird, combat is king.

Like the rest of HobbyZone's planes, the Fighterbird comes with everything needed to get it flying in one convenient package, including the transmitter, field charger, and battery pack. Also included is a handy instructional video and two sets of colorful decal sheets. All that's left for you to provide are 8 "AA" batteries and anybody else with a Fighterbird who's itchin' for a fight.

In addition to complete replacement parts support, HobbyZone provides a colorful array of optional wings, V-Tails, and decal sheets that allow Fighterbird owners to customize their plane with totally unique combat markings. There's also an optional 7-cell speed battery that boosts climb performance and gives Fighterbird veterans an edge they can use when taking on other more experienced Fighterbird foes.

The Fighterbird is available in six different frequencies. This opens up possibilities for all kinds of multiple plane melees. You could have "squadron vs. squadron" team play with up to three planes on each team or you could go for a last Fighterbird standing, every man for himself, free-for-all. Of course there's no denying the satisfaction of an TMace vs. aceTM one-on-one duel either. Whatever multi-player scenario you dream up, with the Fighterbird, you can be assured more is definitely merrier.


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