Key Features

  • Powerful twin-motor drive system
  • Exciting off-road ability and 'wheelie' action
  • Thrilling combat sounds
  • Flashing running lights
  • Comes completely assembled and ready-to-run
  • Rechargeable Commando battery pack with 3-hour AC wall charger
  • Includes 2-stick, 2-channel transmitter with 9V battery
  • Two available frequencies: 27MHz (Green) and 49MHz (Tan)

Ready-to-run right out of the box, the Commando is unlike any R/C off-road buggy you've ever seen. Its powerful twin-motor drive system will have you blasting through the brush, climbing hills and soaring off jumps in a full-throttle, 4 x 4, off-road assault. It will even ride wheelies in forward and reverse. Big, air-filled off-road tires absorb all the jolts from the bumps and jumps so you can push it to the max. Accompanying all the off-road action are realistic combat sounds and running lights that come on anytime the Commando is on the go.

J-7 Commando RTR, 49mHz (Tan) ** [HBZ5005]


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