HobbyZone's Firebird line of ready-to-fly airplanes, equipped with the easy-to-master Flight-Trak control system, has introduced thousands to the world of radio control flying. But the new 3-channel Aerobird takes instant RC fun to the next level. The Aerobird's third channel for pitch (elevator) control adds greater maneuverability and allows aerobatics like loops, tail slides and stall turns. Not recommended for first-timers, the Aerobird is the perfect step up for any pilot experienced in flying the Firebird or any other 2-channel airplane. The Aerobird allows these pilots to try their hand at exciting new maneuvers, paving the way to make the transition to more complex 4-channel or greater planes. For those who already fly RC airplanes with 3 or more channels, the Aerobird is a fantastic way to get a flying fix just about anywhere, anytime. At a park or at the local flying club, the Aerobird is instant flying gratification.

As with all HobbyZone® airplanes, the Aerobird can be assembled and flying in less than 15 minutes. Everything needed to get flying is included: a 3-channel transmitter, rechargeable battery pack, variable-rate DC peak detection charger with auto-plug adapter, and an easy-to-follow manual and instruction video. HobbyZone even includes the 8 AA batteries needed for the transmitter. There is literally nothing else to buy.

Out of the box, the Aerobird is set up to give mild control response. Anyone who can comfortably fly a Firebird or other entry-level airplane will be right at home flying the Aerobird. Whether it's dives, wingovers, or swooping turns the Aerobird offers excitement and maneuverability unmatched by any 2-channel airplane. With the included 7.2-volt 900mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery, flight times are typically in the 12-15 minute range. Climb performance is excellent, typically resulting in 100-foot climbs in less than 30 seconds. And 30-foot chrome Mylar streamers are included that attach to each wingtip for even more excitement.

For Firebird pilots wanting to take their skills to the next level or for experienced RC pilots looking for a fun diversion at the local park, HobbyZone's Aerobird offers the next step in flying fun.


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Aerobird's three channels provide proportional speed, steering and pitch control, so you can "push the envelope" with faster and more exciting maneuvers.

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