You're an experienced flyer, and you've got 3-channel controls mastered.  Now you're ready for HobbyZone's ultimate flying machine.  The Aerobird Xtreme lets you advance your skills even further with HobbyZone's largest, most powerful plane.  You'll be doing loops, barrel rolls and more.

The Aerobird Xtreme's size, power and control make it the ultimate aerial combat machine.  Equip yours with the Sonic Combat Module (HBZ4020) and challenge your friends to a dog fight.

If you have never flown before, we recommend that you begin with one of the Zone 1 products: Firebird Freedom, Firebird Scout, Super Cub or Firebird Commander 2. HobbyZone wants you to succeed!

Key Features

  • Advanced, fully proportional, single-stick controller with slide throttle and X-Port accessory activation button
  • High-performance rechargeable Ni-Cd battery pack
  • Variable rate (500mAh to 1.8A) DC peak detection charger w/automobile plug and alligator clip adaptor for alternate 12V DC power source
  • Powerful 540 motor for outstanding aerobatic and climb performance
  • The Aerobird Xtreme's superb power and agility make it ideal for aerial combat using the Sonic Combat Module (sold separately)
  • Large control surfaces for extreme flight maneuvers like loops and stall turns
  • "Flying the Aerobird Extreme" video CD with assembly instructions and flying tips
  • Specially designed one-piece wing with a carbon fiber spar
It's Huge!

With a wing spanning just over 4.5 feet and a powerful electric motor, the big Aerobird Xtreme is the ultimate in HobbyZone flying fun. Its larger size and spirited performance are not only ideal for advanced HobbyZone pilots and veteran RC fliers, but it lets you fly in winds that would ground smaller ready-to-fly planes.

Along with the larger size, you also get the benefit of HobbyZone's Multi-Mode flight control software. If you're moving up from a Zone 1 or 2 HobbyZone plane, Multi-Mode lets you get the feel for the Aerobird Xtreme using smooth, stable Sport Mode. Once you've mastered Sport Mode, unlock Pro Mode for extreme V-tail maneuverability that's perfect for loops, whip stalls and chandelles. The Aerobird Xtreme is also equipped with HobbyZone's exclusive X-Port that lets you expand your experience with thrilling plug-n-play accessories like the optional Sonic Combat Module or Aerial Drop Module.

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Aerobird Xtreme RTF Electric [HBZ6500]


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