The Aerobird Swift provides a safe, reliable and powerful introduction to aileron control.  If you are an intermediate pilots who has developed basic flying skills with 3-channel aircraft and are ready to progress to the next step, this is the plane for you! 

The Aerobird Swift features both high and low rate controls, offering two distinct handling setups. Low rate mode offers smooth and steady movement of the control surfaces, simplifying the learning process for aileron control. Flip the switch on the transmitter for High Rate mode, and the Aerobird Swift utilizes the maximum amount of control surface movement, offering intense maneuverability and aerobatic capabilities.

The Aerobird Swift is also equipped with X-Port technology so you can add-on accessories such as the Aerial Drop or Sonic Combat modules. Let the fun begin!

Key Features

  • A 3-channel, reusable FM radio system with throttle, aileron and elevator control
  • A one-box purchase—everything needed to get flying comes in the box
  • Ready-to-fly—just attach wing pieces and landing gear and install the rechargeable battery
  • Two transmitter-selectable flight modes, High Rate and Low Rate
  • X-Port technology equipped for use with exciting plug-in accessories, such as the Sonic Combat Module and Aerial Drop Module
  • Two lightweight aileron servos help to minimize weight and increase maneuverability
  • Powerful 480-motor for great climb rate and power
  • Lightweight, yet durable, foam and plastic components maximize aerobatics while minimizing weight and crash damage
  • Soft nose provides added durability in the case of a hard landing or crash
  • Durable, steel wire pushrods for more precise and consistent control
  • Main and rear landing gear for landing on asphalt, concrete or short grass
  • Mid-fuselage attach point provides better response to wind and smoother flight
  • Full set of replacement parts available

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Aerobird Swift RTF Electric [HBZ7200]


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