Photo of user enjoying his HobbyZone aircraft confidently with Virtual Instructor

Radio Controlled flight has never been more attainable thanks to Virtual Instructor technology from HobbyZone. Virtual instructor technology has been designed specifically so beginner RC pilots with little to no flying experience can teach themselves to fly. When you fly with Virtual Instructor, an intuitive series of features leave nothing standing in the way of you and learning to fly an RC aircraft

You won't find this intuitive technology anywhere else but your local HobbyZone retailer and Not at big box retailers, discount stores or offered by daily deal websites. HobbyZone aircraft are far from average and come standard with the superior customer service of Horizon Hobby.

Let nothing stand in your way, start flying RC today. Click on a feature below to see animations demonstrating how this technology helps beginners learn how to fly.

1. Stability Assistance

Stability assistance keeps Virtual Instructor enabled HobbyZone aircraft flying level during light to moderate winds. By absorbing environmental factors like wind and turbulence, you can concentrate less on maintaining even steady flight and more time learning the basics.

2. Flight Assistance

Flight assistance will return your aircraft to a steady level flight path when the controls are released. Even if you become confused over the orientation of the aircraft, release the control sticks and Virtual Instructor will return you to even, level flight.

3. Turning Assistance

Virtual Instructor enables you to execute smooth and coordinated turns just by moving the control stick in the appropriate direction. Even if you over-turn by mistake, turning assistance automatically adjusts the maneuver to maintain control as you learn to fly.

Virtual Instructor technology
is available in these HobbyZone models.
Photo if the HobbyZone Firebird Stratos
Photo if the HobbyZone Glasair Sportsman